Ferney's Strength

Ferney is the largest purchasing organisation in the Netherlands for hardware and tools. Next to remarkable purchasing conditions Ferney offers her members support on promotion, private labels and much more. Assortment as well as supporting facilities are offered to the members 'à la carte'. To guarantee the best purchasing conditions for now and in the future, Ferney is cooperating with a powerfull German partner.

The Ferney members

The members of Ferney, more than 65 independent businessess (supplying mostly the business to business market) in the Netherlands and Belgium, are real 'hardware-oholics'. They are renowned for their healthy growth and their strong, independant position in their market. This independant position is supported and respected by the Ferney.

Maximum Support

To offer maximum support to its members is the sole mean of the Ferney Group. The members have a controlling vote over assortment- and organisation policy. Contact between the members is excellent. Meetings and gatherings are called regularly to discuss new developments.

Assortment 'à la carte'

The assortment of Ferney consists of hardware, tools and materials for builders, industry and DIY. A very outspoken assortment as well in quality as quantity, of which the members can choose 'à la carte'. When developments in the market require, Ferney will update her assortment regularly.

Exclusive Private Labels

Ferney offers her members three private labels exclusively. Labels renowned for their quality products, which will surely upgrade any quality assortment.

Joint Promotion

Ferney also offers her members marketing and promotional support. For example in-store promotional activities, catalogue, advertising, magazines, press-releases etcetera.


Ferney organises several kinds of training for the employees of its members. Like specific technical training but also skill-training for accounting, personal-management, information-technology and sales and management courses.

Ferney and IT

With the special FerneyNet (Intranet) members are constantly on-line with the central database of the organisation in Heerhugowaard. The FerneyNet gives a permanent view of stock, orders and purchasing conditions. EDI is used in the communications with suppliers. And for the members Ferney is developing a special e-commerce program.


Orders from members are processed daily, from stock or suppliers. Ferney's professional logistic system guarantees twice a week deliveries to all members on predetermined days. Received goods are processed through a special transito-program and sorted and packed for delivery to the Ferney-members. This increases the logistic efficiency for the members and is costreducing.

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